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About restaurant

In the heart of St. Petersburg, at circus on Fontanka, the unusual restaurant "Vodograi" – a corner of Slavic hospitality where city visitors can appear as if in the national fairy tale - with the real Russian furnace, authentic interiors and picturesque dishes of new Slavic cuisine was located.

In 2019 the new team of Vodograi ethno-restaurant carried out full gastronomic restart of the project. The new menu of restaurant of Slavic cuisine "Vodograi" includes more than 50 new dishes. There was a characteristic emphasis on traditional ways of preparation, for example, languor in the Russian furnace and also - on giving of dishes in clay and ceramic ware. The whole team under the direction of a new Anton Rashba's brand chief works on picturesque registration. Also at restaurant the new bar map already works, accounts in social networks were updated and dystvut the new website.

Restaurant of Slavic cuisine "Vodograi" – restaurant museum with an ethnic exposition at which guests will be able to touch history and to try dishes of traditional cuisine, from local products which were used by our ancestors in the recipes. A shade, the attic, a barn, a room with the white stone furnace, oak tables, the embroidered curtains and bench hammers – all as in an ancient log hut with the real objects of rural life. For city visitors – this perfect place to appreciate a sytnost and taste of our dishes, generous Russian hospitality, an unusual and impressive interior where it is possible to make a bright photo for the memory of a travel.

In total at restaurant of 5 halls on 2 floors. The space allows to hold banquet events and to accept tourist groups - to 100 people at the same time. 

"Vodograi" has a fine location – at Manezhnaya Square, on Karavannaya Street, 2, within walking distance from the main attractions of St. Petersburg: The Russian Museum, the Mikhailovsky Castle, Circus on Fontanka, Russian Museum of Ethnography, Fabergé's Museum, Magazin of Merchants Yeliseyev, Aleksandrinsky and Mikhaylovsky theaters. To city visitors very simply will be to get and easily to restaurant!

Vodograi Slavic Cuisine Restaurant
Saint Petersburg, Karavannaya str. 2